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Mun Name: crazyjabberwock
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Name: Peacock(AKA Patricia)
From: Skullgirls

Age: 13
Gender: Female

Pesonality: The initial summery of her bio below may lead you to belive she is an utter sociopath, this is untrue, though she is abrasive, unhinged and barely controlable, she is also cheerful and truly loyal to those she considers friends, She actualy considers Dr.Avian to be a father figure to her. (not that she'd ever say it out loud). Peacock is no stranger to popculture, frequently spouting out references (and the occasional pun) both in and out of combat. She thinks very highly of herself, though not without at least some merit, given her skills, overall inspite a very tramatic past, she seems to be a rather "glass half-full" type of person, to what degree this is due to her own personality or insanity is unclear.

History: Once a war orphan slave named Patricia, Peacock’s body was gruesomely mutilated by slave traders that captured her. She was rescued by Dr. Avian’s Anti-Skullgirls Labs, and rebuilt her with a (literally) reality-defying biomechanical arsenal: the Argus System augmented her body, and the Avery Unit gave her access to unprecedented weaponry. Alas, they couldn’t do anything for her mind: Peacock’s damaged psyche and abiding love of cartoons shaped her new “toys” into a terrifying gang of cronies, whom she has no qualms using to Paint the Town Red... with blood. Terrifying as she is, she may be the kingdom’s best bet against the Skullgirl.

During her Story mode she cleaves a path through most of the other cast following the trail of the Skullgirl, until receiving a distress signal from the Anti-Skullgirl Labs, she arrives to the aftermath of a slaughter, learning from a dying Dr.Avian that Valentine betrayed them, this sent Peacock on a warpath, during wich she discovered that the Skullgirl is in fact her long lost friend Marie (who she was brutalized for defending by slavers) after defeating Valentine and Double, she has a briefe chat with Marie, revealing that Marie was acting to avenge Peacock and rid the world of the Medici Mafia, Peacock is quick to note that the skullhearts corrupting influince would inevitably turn her into a greater evil, with no other choice the two friends fight eachother, Peacock coming out the victor, with enough time left to say goodby Peacock promised to finish what Marie started (minus destroying the world) and is last seen almost finished with only two left, their leader and their top Assasin.

Moral Standing: Overall she's Chaotic Neutral, but leaning more towards good than not

Dreams: Generaly her goals are very much in the here and now, but currently it's Finishing what Marie Started with the Medicis

Fears: Whether it's bravado or optomism there is very little she seems to fear, though she does seem to be hurt by the loss of friends and family.

Abilities: The spots on her face are not her eyes (at least not anymore). The eyes she see's with are the artificial ones made by the Agrus unit (most notably the ones on her arms) one of her cybornetic upgrades after she was rebuilt these eyes can be produced in large quantities, and fire lazers refered to as "Z-rays. She has a bunch of strange characters that help her during battle. The most seen of these, are Avery (a little blue bird dressed in attire matching Peacock) and walking bombs of small and large sizes (George and Lenny, respectively). Others seen often are Andy Anvil, a boxing anvil with Popeye-like limbs and Tommy Ten Tons, a stout anthropomorphic 10T weight. These characters seem to be manifestations of Peacock's power. The Avery Unit she was equipped with (same name as the bird) was supposed to be a "spacial link" between her and an arsenal of weapons, but Peacock seems to be altering the weapons themselves in addition to calling them to her. Aditionaly she has an extendable steel trap in the place of teeth, and light jet boosters in her feet.

Likes: being in charge, cartoons, cigars, explosives, fast cars, junk food, tv, violence, “annie: girl of the stars", movies

Dislikes: Weaklings, Bureaucracy, Authority figures, People, The Skull Heart, Nerds, Salad, Chopsticks

Location: Anti-Skullgirl Lab 8, though in her world what's left is in a state of ruin, it's still the closest thing she has to a home, it still houses many trinkets and gizmos that more intelectual types may find use for, as well as the weapon store that Peacock uses the Avery unit to pull from.


Writing Sample:

Peacock was bored, normaly this could be fixed with some TV, however rerun season had just started, this was bad. It wasn't strictly bad for her, but it could be very bad for Lab 8 and its workers, she got voilent when she was bored, and very few there were as durable as Peacock. Though she wouldn't kill the scientists she has left a good number of them in body casts. The truth was she just needed somthing better to do, which there wasn't.

At this point she was ready to hop on over to lab zero just to see what was up with their project. Afterall, two living weapons in an epic sparing match sounded like a good time, she would already be there if one of the eggheads wasn't trying to negotiate with her at the moment, "For the last time, this is against more regulations than I can name!" the worker repeated for what felt like the Kabillionth time to Peacock, replying with "Listen Mac, your not stopping me, so either buff the scratch out of that record you're play'in or I'll flatten you now."

The worker was already bracing himself for a squashing when Dr. Avian steped in saying, "Peacock, we've just recieved a message from Lab Zero, They want to test you and their subject's fighting ability." Avian had his reservations, there was no way Peacock getting this idea and Dr.Braindrain contacting them was concidence, but he kepted his mouth shut, afterall Braindrain outranked him.

Soon Peacock was in an arena passing the time till the "Dry run" began by trying to engage in small talk with her soon to be opponent, unsucessfully, "Comon, say somthing! What, can't ya Hear anything behind that Halloween mask?" She would've continued on like this but the match was about to start, Braindran announced, "subject q-42 Codename Peacock vs subject o-84 Codename Painwheel, Recording." "Hey Brainpain! your fighter's broken!" Peacock intejected, only to be distracted by Painwheel breaking her silence with "must kill......" much to Peacock's exitement, "About time I got some Action!" she said as the match began......
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